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Come & Feed Your Addiction By Exotic Black Dominatrix, Findom, High Class, Elegant & Discreet. Financial Domination, Foot  Fetish, Domination, Humiliation, Chastity Keyholder . Both Online And Real-Time. 

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Book Real-Time Session to be humiliated and dominated by Me. Come and entertain Me.

I receive In-Call at a 4/5 star hotel paid by you.

You can “Fly Over To Me”, If you don’t live in my location.

slave Distance Training

I offer webcam , Email and Phone slave training to subs that can’t meet Me in person via skype, whatsApp, phone or Email .

One-on-one session, personalized training where you will be given task to do and report back to Me. To know more book for a session.


Are you on business trip, vaccation, busy with work or just want to have real-time session with Goddess Eidra in your location ?

Then this is your opportunity to fly Me to you. Read more about #flyMetoyou# on the link above.

Male Submission, Domination And Humiliation

I continue to dominate and humiliate men because of the pleasure and thrill I get from exercising my power. I enjoy the ceremony of being worshipped, of being feared , of being in control, of being glorified. I watch confidently with pleasure as others bow at my feet recognising my superiority and yielding to my every wish.

I know you are here because you are tired of normality. You look for something different, something special.
You have come to the right place because, This Is who I am.

I take new sub in which ever way he inspires Me to humiliate or to dominate him. My personality changes often base on each individual subs and the fetishes that i want to explore with him but I remain completely in control as i continue to be the superior Goddess above you.

I devote My time to train My royal subs and slaves to the way i want them to serve Me.


If your fetish is not on My fetish list, you can always email Me to discuss what you wish to explore and your expectations and I will let you know if i accept your fetishes or not.

Come and fall into My trap , then power exchange will takeover , Where I will take total control of you, humiliate and dominate you to My absolute desire.

Distance Training,  Online Domination And Humiliation

( Via Skype, WhatsApp, Email Or Over The Phone)

BDSM is not just about physical but also mental. your body maybe far away from Me, but I can easily grab your mind and heart with just words.

With an online session, you can finally talk freely to someone that understands your dark secret, fantasies and desire. I will guide you to a different level of BDSM and teach you how to be a slave.

Tasks will be given to you, to submit and you will feel My power wherever you are. Convenient and spontaneous. So, distance is not a barrier, we can still connect and explore our fetishes.

I offer online sessions via chatting or video call and even via email if that works best for you . 

Private & Exclusive Lifestyle Domination

Become Goddess Eidra Personal Slave Boy

Do you admire Me and desire to have a private or public D/s relationship with Me long-term? Perhaps you long to earn My permanent collar?

An exciting D/s relationship with Me were you will fund My lifestyle ? Were we will meet regularly in person and or online base on our agreed meeting times per week or month etc? Plus regular daily contact access to Me.

Surely, you can serve Me in person or online from any where in the world. Distance is not a barrier . Or you can fly over to Me in Stockholm, Sweden or you can fly Me to you if you don’t live in Stockholm, Sweden.

I always prefer quality over quantity. I choose My personal slaves from the subs that serve Me in private or through online distance sessions. Like every other relationship in life, it takes time to develop a D/s relationship.

You can surely apply and tell Me about your willingness to become My personal or collared slave and beg to be considered.

Here is an opportunity for you to prove yourself worthy to be considered.

Financial Domination – Findom

Be My human ATM, My paypig, Moneyslave, FinSub, Fund My Lifestyle and make Me Richier. Each time you pay Me, you will feel satisfaction and want to pay Me more and more because I will add value to your life by giving you a purpose for living.

Paying Me regularly opens door to supernatural blessings and divine protection into your life, which will transform your life positively and access to a powerful rare divine black Goddess that ever exist on this earth.

My interest for you is equivalent to the tribute and effort you make to Me.

Gifts Reward To My Royal Sub

If you tribute and serve Me very well with your money maybe I will send you a personalised postcard,video,picture or my used items and you might even earn yourself a special place in My life as one of My personal slave boy. Every good servant deserves a reward to motivate them to work harder for Me.


Come And Feed Your Addiction By Exotic  Ebony Goddess !

Financial Domination, Humiliation, Chastity & keyholder Goddess,  Both Online And Real Time.