These Are Kinks/Fetishes That You Can Explore With Me.

In Real-Time Session, Via Online One-On-One Session Or Distance Slave Training.

Female Supremacy
Financial Domination
Foot Worship
Hand Smothering
High Heel Worship
Human Furniture
Isolation/Sensory Deprivation
Jerk Off Instruction (JOI)

Cum Eating Instructions (CEI) – Yours
Leg Worship

Sub/Slave Training

Role Play

Smell Arousal

Life Improvement Coaching (Kinky or Vanilla)

Nipple Tease
Nipple Torture
Small Penis Humiliation ( SPH)
Racial Humiliation
Religious Play
Penis Humiliation
Tease & Denial
Tickle Torture
Transformation Verbal Humiliation (light)
Verbal Humiliation (extreme)Vore
Wax Play

One-On-One Distance Training

Personalized Distance Training

Armpit Worship (Mine)
Arm & Hand Worship
Ass Worship
Bastinado (Feet caning)
Blackmail Fantasy
Black Female Supremacy
Boot Worship
Bondage (light)Caning
Chastity (Your device)
Cleavage Worship
Cock & Ball Torture (CBT)
Cuckolding (Verbal only)
Dirtying you
Face-Sitting (Your face)
Face-Slapping (light)
Face-Slapping (extreme)

Pet-Puppy Play

Boxing / Kicking / Beating you

Erotic Bondage Massage/BDSM Tantric Massage

My Limits Or Taboos :

Before booking for session with Me, make sure you know what your looking for from a dominatrix because as a dominatrix i do not provide sexual services. So, do not confuse a dominatrix for escort or a prostitute. If you do not understand what dominatrix mean, do google it first before contacting Me. 

No nudity on My part. I DO NOT DO  TOPLESS or NUDE sessions. NO SEX.

I don’t do wrestling, clinical, needle play. No blood play, No human toilet play or Scat play, No forced intoxication play.

I DO NOT engage in any activity that is directly sexual, illegal, unsafe or in a non-consensual activities .

All My sessions are consensual with “Safe Word” to use in case you want the session to stop at any given time.

But session with Me will give you such a powerful intense release, and excitement that will make you cum several times without having direct sexual intercourse with Me, that will keep you coming back for more session as I dominate and humiliate you to My desire. Dominating you is always for My pleasure..

I LOVE DOMINATING AND HUMILIATING MEN. I enjoy seeing you lose power to Me as I use and abuse you as I want within your limits .

About Play :

You can tell Me what you want to do from the list. Or just let Me know what you can’t take, the rest will be My call.

No marks, unless you ask for it.