Private & Exclusive Lifestyle Domination

Become Goddess Eidra Personal Slave Boy

Do you admire Me and desire to have a private or public D/s relationship with Me long-term? Perhaps you long to earn My permanent collar?

An exciting D/s relationship with Me were you will fund My lifestyle ? Were we will meet regularly in person and or online base on our agreed meeting times per week or month etc? Plus regular daily contact access to Me.

Surely, you can serve Me in person or online from any where in the world. Distance is not a barrier . Or you can fly over to Me in Stockholm, Sweden or you can fly Me to you if you don’t live in Stockholm, Sweden.

I always prefer quality over quantity. I choose My personal slaves from the subs that serve Me in private or through online distance sessions. Like every other relationship in life, it takes time to develop a D/s relationship.

You can surely apply and tell Me about your willingness to become My personal or collared slave and beg to be considered.

Here is an opportunity for you to prove yourself worthy to be considered.

If being a personal slave or collared slave is not for you or if you do not understand what it means. Then go and book for My other services, Book Real-time session with Me, Webcam session via Skype , WhatsApp, Phone or Email session where you can occassionally book for session whenever you need to explore your fetishes with Me.

Because becoming a personal slave boy or earning to be collar permanently by Me is not for everyone become it requires long-term commitment of regular meeting for bdsm play-time and longterm emotional and financial commitment which makes it not ideal for everyone, so be very sure of what you want before you contact Me because i don’t have time for time wasters.

For those who wants to become my personal slave or who earn to get My permanent collar , read My rules below and apply using the below form .

If My Rules does not work for you then go and book for My other bdsm session that you can book occassionally. Book real-time session, webcam session via skype or whatsApp or phone or Email session because i don’t have time for time wasters.


Before you submit your application to serve Me, you MUST read My Terms and Rules for servitude and then send Me €100 using PaySafeCard ePin, Paygoo Prepard Card Or Use any other payment method to tribute Me from My tribute page and afterward send payment details to  Email :

Click Here To Be Re-directed To My Tribute Page.

If you don’t tribute Me, your application will be rejected without being read along with any emails you send to this email address. So therefore the only persons time you will be wasting is your own not mine. All contact form submissions are sent directly to Goddess Eidra’s Assistant for review.


Serving Me is very simple and you must tribute Me to get My attention or be totally IGNORED.

WITHOUT Tribute = NO chat . Become familiar with My Rules below so that you will know exactly what I expect from you. You have to earn my attention.



1. You will address Me as Goddess, Queen or Mistress.

You MUST have money to pay Me weekly via any tribute method of My choice. NO PAYPAL. I don’t care about the amount. Even if you are broke boy or rich boy I want every penny i can get. Don’t try to waste My time with worthless chat if you can’t find ways to give me from the little you have or part with big money because you will immediately be rejected.

Honesty is VERY important to Me. If you think you can get away with lying to Me, you won’t have a place to serve Me. I ALWAYS find out if you are lying to Me and you WILL immediately be put in your place.

Manners, you must display manners at all times. I am a lady and shall be treated as such.

Devotion and dedication, when you are given a command you are expected to do it, promptly. You do not keep Me waiting.


Royalty, when you apply to serve Me, you must be loyal. I do not own boys that cannot keep their cocks and your wallets in My name.

Absolute Sacrifce ; I expect you to sacrifice for Me. You will be treating yourself less and spoiling Me more. Save that all those money that you spend unnecessarily every week to treat Me to gifts from My wishes or request.


Neediness, don’t be needy. There is nothing more that turns Me off than a needy and demanding boy. You are here to serve Me and to meet My demands and NOT your own.


Your Position ; Your place is below Me, beneath My feet and do not EVER FORGET THAT. Remember that You are replaceable at anytime if you don’t follow My Rules. I DON’T need you. You need Me in your life and not the other way round


This is an application form that you need to fill-in to serve Me in other to earn yourself a position in My life as My personal boy or to earn My collar.