Life Coach Dominatrix

Coaching & Consultation For Life Improvement For ALL Lifestyles ( Kinky Or Vanilla)


I offer life coaching service to subs and any gentle man that needs it both kinky or vanilla clients. As a dominant woman, a lifestyle dominatrix and a licensed psychotherapist in My vanilla career, I will use My dominant power and My psychological educational knowledge and experience to motivate and force you to make positive changes that will improve your life .

I take great responsibility in dominating a submissive very seriously, and in My personal life as a lifestyle dominatrix, I incorporate a lot of life coaching. I expect excellence, and My sub’s improvement and betterness brings great joy to Me. Let Me guide you, break you down and build you back up again as a better person.

A dominatrix with background in psychotherapy and with many years of experience will help you much better and enable you to achieve your goal faster than a vanilla life coach or therapist that has no experience in bdsm. With My life coaching service, I incoporate My bdsm dominant personality with life coaching, counselling, talk therapy and guidance in other to help more people worldwide become a better person and for them to achieve their goal in life. Every individual have different needs and they need different approach.

Do you need help from a dominant or bossy female who will guide and direct you to do things that will help you improve your life that you have no motivation to do ? My approach is direct. I get to the heart of the issue, efficiently. Are you ready to work hard for the life that you deserve?


If yes, then you’ve taken the first step to archieving that goal. I am the life coach dominatrix that will motivate and advice you about life issues and situations and that you will give accountability to on task your required to do in other to fullfil those dreams or to resolve any issues.


I am here to give you a push to help you get your life in order and to get those your prolonged dreams manifest by bringing them to life or to help you resolve some challenging problems. My sessions are without judgement. I am open minded. I will advice you, tell you what to do, I will track your progress , I will kick your ass and tell you to cut any bullshit that your doing that is hindering you from achieving your goal.


My consultation or session involves communication and interactions with Me base on your needs & availability. Regardless of the program you choose or the level of engagement you seek, you will be successful in achieving your goal if you take the first step and this unique opportunity in front of you by booking for a session.

My life coach session are done online via Skype, Phone, WhatsApp, Email, Webcam or Only Audio Call which ever suits your needs and comfort works for Me. Everything we discuss during our life coaching session is 100% confidential and will NEVER be shared or discussed with a third party.

Services I Offer As Life Coach Dominatrix ?


-Help with lack of motivation – I will help you to get important things done to improve your life. ( kinky or vanilla)

-Help with confidence-building and self-esteem improvement – ( kinky or vanilla).

-Help to overcome depression/anxiety issues – ( kinky or vanilla).

-Help you overcome loneliness issues – ( kinky or vanilla).

-Help with Bdsm & Non-Bdsm Relationships Issues – ( kinky or vanilla).

-Help on how to incorporate BDSM in your vanilla relationship sucessfully without your vanilla partner feeling turn-off.

-Health And Fitness – I will give you push and motivation to achieve your heath and fitness goal.

-Weightloss – I will give you push, advice and motivation to loss weight.

-Help with coaching on dating issues – online & offline dating ( kinky or vanilla).

-Sex/Sexuality  Related Topics – ( kinky or vanilla)

-Help by giving advice and tips on bdsm fetishes/interest/issues – For novice  subs or clients.

-Help With Work life balance.



If what you need help with is not listed here, contact Me and I will let you know if it is possible to help you with that or not.


Cost For Life Improvement Coaching Session ?


Only 5€/5£/6$ per minute

( For phone call/ Audio call via whatsApp or Skype Session/consultation )

Minimum time : 15 minutes


Only 10€/10£/12$ per minute

(For Video call or Webcam Session/consultation )


Email Session/Consultation

Only 50€/50£/60$  For 3 Email Reply


Note :

Weekly and monthly life coach session package is available on request and cheaper.


Apply For lifestyle Improvement Coaching Online Session Below. My personal assistant will contact you as soon as possible. Be aware that I am a busy Dominatrix, so don't expect a quick respond immediately, but I will get back to you as soon as possible.