How To Meet Me ?

You Can Meet Me For Real-Time Session If You Live In Stockholm, Sweden Or If Your On Holiday Or Business Trip In Stockholm Or You Can Fly Over To Me Or Fly Me To You. I Travel Worldwide On Request.

In-Call : At a 4/5 star hotel which is paid by you.
Out-Call : At your home or resident.


Are You Ready To Meet Me?


If yes, then fill-out the booking form below and My assistant will arrange the meeting .

Note :
When filling-out the booking form, I require and expect a clear booking request by providing Me ALL the information that I request on the form, to help Me consider your booking. I choose My subs so put effort in your application.





300 – 3000 kr Per Hour – ( In-Call )
€400 – 4000 kr Per Hour – ( Out-Call )



1,000 – 10,000 kr In Person

Note : Dinner is paid by you and not included in my dinner date price.

Dinner date is only to have My company and a one-on-one quality time with Me and to know Me better. Don’t expect sex. Sex is not included in any of My service.


For other countries currency conversions rate, use


1. Fill in the booking form below with details of your fantansies/fetishes and when you wish to have the session done and confirm that you’ve got the knowledge of My rates and limits/taboos.


To reserve your booking, I require 30% deposit of My hourly rate and the remaining amount payable cash in person before we start the bdsm play.

I prefer My deposit paid via Paysafecard or Paygoo pre-paid virtual credit card, which you will send Me the Paysafecard pin or Paygoo number and I will charge it.

Other tribute or payment method are only acceptable only if you will pay the % percentage that I pay the payment company or agency. Check My Tribute page for more information.

3. Deposits are ONLY refundable, if I Goddess Eidra have to cancel due to illness or double booking. Otherwise it’s non-refundable.

4. If your bdsm fetish request is acceptable, a telephone conversation will be necessary to verify your booking and to confirm our appointment.

5. I gladly welcome beginners willing to explore their fantasies /fetishes but I reject time wasters.

6. Just as I respect you by attending to My appearance I expect you to attend to your hygiene and general outlook.

7. My rates are non-negotiable and should’nt be discussed.

8. Do not meet Me, if you have symtoms of coronavirus. Instead book for Skype, WhatsApp or Phone session until your cured or recovered before you can book for real-time session to meet Me.

9. I offer My service discreetly due to personal reasons and to protect My subs because the world frown on bdsm and people that practise it, so for this reasons discreetion and confidentiality from you is required, vital and guaranteed from My side.

10. Be aware that My services are legal because I don’t offer sex. Only kink & fetish play that are consenual. Plus I don’t do any bdsm play that is unsafe, illegal or non-consenual, incase your having doubts about booking for session.

11. For “ FLY ME TO YOU “ session, My deposit will be paid into My bank account after I have verified and confirmed your booking.


I define our session time as a play-time to bond with each others, build connection and D/s friendship and relationship.


Don’t expect a quick meeting within few hours of contacting Me without pre-booking well in advance for session. I am not an escort or a prostitute.

I am a dominatrix, a superior mistress, a high class dominatrix, a rare species in the bdsm community. So therefore, meeting Me is a great and rare opportunity for you because I don’t need you. You need Me in your life to help you explore your deepest bdsm fantansies and fetishes that your girlfriend, wife, partner and most people can’t do for you or with you.

I am the solution and therapy to your deepest , hidden wishes, fantasies, fetishes and desires.

So, patience is required in other to meet Me. So therefore, I advice you to pre-book your session time with Me well in advance because I am a busy dominatrix.

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Apply For Real-Time Session - To Serve Me In Person. My assistant will contact you as soon as possible. Be aware that I am a busy Dominatrix, so don't expect a quick respond immediately. Note : If you encounter any problem when submitting your application, send Me email about it to the email address below . And also If you want a quick reply attach your application with a tribute. Email tribute information to :
  • I will not be held responsible for any accidents that happen as a result of undisclosed medical conditions