As I welcome suitable gentleman for bdsm session, you’ll be verified. You’ll always be provided with as much information as possible about the verification process during your booking .

Verification is only to confirm who you are, for My safety and for Me to know whom I will be meeting. If I can’t verify you I WON’T MEET YOU.

I ONLY meet client/sub that pass this verification process. Verification process is only between you and I and protected. It will NEVER be disclose to a third party . So, you don’t have to be worried about My verification process if you have good intentions. Being honest on the booking form is a good start. Discreetion is vital and guaranteed.

The protection and safety that I provide for Myself and for My subs apart from My beauty and dominant personality are what sets Me apart from other dominatrixes in the BDSM community. Especially in Europe.

My careful vetting and verification process of My subs is the reason My position as a high class international dominatrix option for high quality meetings is maintained.
My verification process is thorough, and I only accept subs that have passed this process for both of our protection and safety reasons.

Confidentiality And Non-Disclosure Agreement Is Available To Sub That Needs It , If Necessary.

Confidentiality Agreement:

Confidentiality agreement works best for you and I . And it’s mutually beneficial for both of us. You can be rest assured that there will never be any disclosure of your personal details in any fashion, which would affect your reputation. Any accusation or suggestion of your conduct to Me would be met with the appropriate tasteful response of either silence or “we’ve never heard of them”.

Once you have established that, your details and identity are 100% safe forever with Me, you can freely book sessions with Me, with full confidence and trust and begin to enjoy the experience, as well as getting the most out of our engagements.
Using My service offers peace of mind and protection and you’ll soon be able to experience the luxury of time with Me and serving Me.

You also agree to return the same confidentiality agreement to Me, in order for it to have a balance.

Non-Disclosure Agreement:

I offer a non-disclosure agreement for any sub who request it as an additional guarantee for peace of mind.
I don’t retain records or a database of your information once your session or servitude ends . Your details will be used mainly for verification purposes, or retained during the course of servitude to Me, play-time and session based on our agreement and for My safety and protection and for the convenience of contacting you when needed.

However, if we mutually decide to end future sessions, play-time, contact, servitude or anything related to My service , then I will gladly delete and destroy all your personal details for your 100% protection.